The Boulevard revisited

So to the second Boulie gig. Bouyed by the rampant success of our debut, we were able to arrange a staggering fee of £140 for our next appearance. This was in 1984 remember. I think that is still the biggest pay-out we’ve ever achieved, although we might have got something similar from The Grand Ol’ Opry. It’s even more amazing when you realise that we pried this moolah out of the clam-like clutches of that piratical crone who ran the place. Mrs Mac that’s it. She really was a fearsome old bag. I have a memory of her Basil Fawlty lookalike son being somehow involved in the deal for the gig, maybe it was him that dispersed the dough. The major credit for this, the Charlies’ one and only fiscal triumph, must go to Davy, a small man but with the heart of a lion. He was the steely-eyed business man who negotiated the mighty fee.

The gig itself went pretty well as I remember it. The place was fairly packed and we were rockin. This gig was successfully recorded, I’ll need to listen to it again and see what memories bloom in the garden of my mind. I think this was the one at which we first played “Worthless” a slow tune totally unsuitable for our set, or anyone’s set for that matter. It was about a physical attack on my girlfriend at the time by some other girl in that very venue, violence was a ever enlivening presence on the Clydebank disco scene. Verbose and dreich, the song did however feature a magical bass note from Stevie.

The Band that night were:

R.Ruthven guitar and vocals
L.Alexander guitar
S.Craig bass
S.Duff keyboards
D.Kinnaird drums