The Boat Dance 14/2/87

This has to be the worst gig the Charlies ever played. This was one of the ones which Gerry Carruthers got for us. It was in the Boat Club of Glasgow University, an antiquated building which stood beside Anniesland railway station in the west end of Glasgow. We were to play at a dance after an awards thing, how did we ever get involved with the like. I can’t think of a less appropriate gig. What they needed was a show band and what they got was The Creeping Charlies in the absolute raw.

They wanted us there really early, about 5 o’clock or something. We were supposed to be on about seven as I recall. So we got there in plenty of time, unloaded the gear, set up and then went to the bar to wait to go on. The bar sold Stella Artois, a very strong beer, on draught. Well we had a couple of pints and then word came through that it would be eight before they needed us.

Fast forward to eleven o’clock. We have been in the bar for six hours and are all absolutely pished out of our skulls, except for Lawrence who doesn’t drink. They tell us it’s time to go on. I’m in a bad mood with these middle class fuckers for keeping us sitting around for so long. I start swearing at them in between the songs. I take extended drunken guitar solos. Davy leaves the drums and starts playing keyboards for a bit, I don’t know who played the drums but I know it was bad, bad, bad. Mebbe I played them. Lawrence stopped playing after a while I think. Anyhow the whole thing was just awful. I still cringe to think of it. I’ve got a tape of it and I can’t bring myself to listen to it even after all these years.

R.Ruthven guitar and vocals
L.Alexander guitar
S.Craig bass
J.Simpson keyboards
D.Kinnaird drums