Wildman Davy Kinnaird – The Livin’ Doll

David was the first drummer we had ever worked with. It was a complete novelty to hear “real drums” instead of the ‘ol drum machine. I was a bit in awe of him musically, he had played in bands at school and he had played violin in some sort of orchestra or other.

We used to rehearse in Davy’s damp, smelly and mouldy garage, it was also freezin and a hazard to public health, but hey we were young and foolish.

Davy had a p.a. and a car and a life threatening set of lights which we used to use at gigs. Lawrence refused to touch the lights after one electric shock too many.

Anyhows it was Davy who got us into the BBC to record our first two demos, him working there you see as a sound engineer.

Davy left the band after a couple of years but he’s still a pal. Once a Charlie etc…