Saz Simpson, Tabla God

Saz is an old friend of Lawrence’s. He joined the band after Stuzy Duff moved on down the line. Saz used to play guitar so naturally he was an ideal candidate to join as our new keyboard player, not only did he have no experience of playing keyboards – he didn’t own a keyboard either!

Still, Saz was willing and keen. He’s also an all around good guy who’s sparkling personality made for more fun at rehearsals.

Saz bought a keyboard out of McCormacks, it was an extremely obscure organ who’s name escapes me at present. Begins with an S, I think. No, I’m wrong it was a CRUMAR!!! A lovely thing with draw bars and a big warm sound. It weighed about 5 tons though. It eventually developed a hideous fault which meant a piercing high note was playing all the time, but at it’s best, as in the end of “Let’s be Happy”, it was a joy to hear.

In latter years Saz’s bongo and tabla playing have added a groovy new swing to some of our meisterwerks, and his shaky egg playing is positively sublime. He studied tabla with some leading guru for a few years and has become pretty nifty with the fingers.