Lesley Ruthven, Singer and Sassy Mamma

Lesley, my sister, always hung about with the band. She came to most of the early gigs even though she was only 13 or 14. She drew a few of the early posters such as the legendary “Handsome Hank says give me Cheese” masterpiece which so puzzled the poster-reading element in Clydebank.

It came to pass then, that in about 1987 Lesley joined the band. I had wanted to add extra voices for a long time. All the recordings featured harmony vocal parts whenever possible and I wanted to recreate that live. Lesley has a sweet high tone which blended well with my own, so it was natural enough that she ended up singing with me.

Lesley has a real showbiz streak, she loves the dancin around and making a show. She was the driving force behind the spectacular stage shows we put on as The Ruthvens. Her and Cheryl would do all these dance routines which ranged between the comic and the downright filthy. I used to absolutely love all that.

Lesley’s involvement petered out during the Handsome Hank period, when we fruitlessly tried to make a living as a country club band. The main reason being that I couldn’t be bothered arranging and rehearsing complex vocal parts for songs we would maybe only do once or twice.

Sadly Lesley was taken from us far too young and departed the stage in February 2017. All the Charlies love her forever.