Doctor Cheryl Maxwell, Singer and Big Brain

Dr Maxwell, super-babe and literary expert, is a long-time pal of my sister Lesley. They met at school and before long Cheryl was being hauled along to the Charlies gigs.

So…almost inevitably with the irresistible attraction of the moth to the flame or the star to the black hole, Chezza became a Charlie. She has a really nice high tone, very delicate. It was always a problem getting her voice across live though, she didn’t have the vocal power to compete with my melodious bellow.

Cheryl and Lesley added enormously to the visual appeal of the Charlies live act, at least I thought so. They would do all these complicated dance routine, actions that went along with the words or mood of the songs. They did a kind of demented ballet thing for “The Loudest Fairy” that always brought a smile to my coupon. Their “Way of the World” routine was fantastic in it’s absolutely literal translation of the words into actions – YOU (they point at the audience) CAN’T TELL ME (they point at themselves) etc etc. big globe shapes with their arms for WAY OF THE WORLD, fabulous.