Crazy legs Craig

Steven Craig – what a bass player, those flowing elegant lines, that quirky funkiness!!!He was the handsome dude in the band when we started out, that jawline, those steely eyes – phwoarr.

I met Stevie at school but it wasn’t until after he had left and begun his abortive University career that Stuart Duff started us all down the road to Charliesland.

The first bass Stevie ever had was a corker, I think he bought it for about 4 quid. It had a big giant knob on the which was absolutely obscene. When he took it to McCormacks to get it repaired they laughed and said “I didn’t know Woolworths did basses”

That bass was followed by the Yasuki “windbreaker” which eventually died of masking tape (as so much of the equipment did in those days). Me and Larry managed to revive this beast a few years ago and actually recorded with it. Then came the Aria which he used to dig up the pavement in George Square.

Now he has a white squire thing but the strange thing is that every bass he has ever played has had a bad earth.