Calum – Drummer, Lawyer and Japester

Calum was the longest serving current bun on the Charlies drum stool. He joined the band in the mid 90’s and was our nominal drummer until about 2005 or 2006 or something. Over that time he entertained us mightily with his fabulous joke-telling skills. Stevie knew someone in his work who knew Calum. He asked him to come along one night and gie it a go after Country Boy had rode off into the sunset. Calum came into the rehearsal room cracked a few jokes and battered his skins like nobody’s business, right away we knew we had found a friend.

Things were a lot looser and easy-going in Charliesland during this manifestation, I’m not sure how Calum would have got on in our earlier fundamentalist periods when we were on drummers’ backs about every beat but he is definitely one of the good guys.