Charlies, loads of them

The Creeping Charlies

Were formed in 1984 by me, 10 Gallon Rab.
The other members of the band at that time were:
Screaming Lord Lawrence Alexander – guitar hero extraordinaire.
Crazy Legs (Steven) Craig on bass.
The Mysterious Sad Stuart Duff on keyboards – a truly weird concept.
And last but littlest Wildman Davy Kinnaird “The Livin’ Doll”

The Charlies line-up has changed over the years and first to join was Saz
The first representative of womankind to become a Charlie was Dance! Dance! Dance! Lesley
The other delicious specimen of feminine magnificence in Charliesland is Hip-shakin’ Femme Fatale Cheryl

After the wonderful Livin Doll came Drummer X
And what would life be without the beauty that is Alistair Bryson
Then there was Country Boy
The longest incumbent on the hotly contested but frequently “situation vacant” Charlies Drum Stool was Calum

But now we’ve got Angus T Ruthven, millenial, style god, and electronic drumming genius