Our debut performance

The first gig we ever played was at the world famous Boulevard Hotel in Clydebank. This was in 1984 I’m fairly sure, I’ll put dates on all this stuff later on when I’ve checked up (I definitely will never do that). We were all incredibly nervous naturally. We’d mounted an intensive poster campaign on the streets of bonnie Clydebank proclaiming The Creeping Charlies and Instant Swanndon LIVE!!!! At that time the idea was to keep the Swanndon stuff, i.e. the original material, separate from the rockabilly Charlies stuff. Unfortunately this meant that some of the audience thought they were going to see two different acts instead of “two bands joined thegither”. But never mind. Anyhows the gig was a rip roaring success. At the start some arseholes apparently threw coins at us although I never saw any, satire or violent intent? Who can say? After a couple of numbers they started to get into it though and by the end they were cheering like billyo. We started that gig with 20 Flight Rock and played Johnny B. Goode thus starting the fashion amongst Charlies crowds for shouting for that particularly mince song as often as possible.

So that was the first Boulie gig, one which was disastrously recorded on something so that the tape sounds like a bunch of insects scratching an eardrum. We came away feeling like kings however.

The Band that night were:

R.Ruthven guitar and vocals
L.Alexander guitar
S.Craig bass<
S.Duff keyboards
D.Kinnaird drums