Oldest News….what happened in Charliesworld up to about 2011

A tread in the stairs

    • 15/08/11 We’ve more or less finished a song called A tread on the stairs, amazingly. Just waiting to see whether a bit of Larry magic at the fade out wouldn’t add to the party. It’s quite a big production for us and has had hours of effort lavished on it. Sounds worth it, to me at least.In other news we have exhumed the Yasuki Windbreaker. This farting relic from bygone days was found festering in Larry’s ex loft and has been extensively refurbished and generally frotted back into being. It actually makes a sound like a bass. As used at the legendary Happy Tree gig and possibly the first Charlies gigs. Wowza!In yet more news we’ve recorded a version of a song by Jim Byrne called “Blue Boy” in a bracing 50’s style. Jim had recorded this himself but it sounded a bit too synthpop in his opinion. We’ve dragged it back to Orboland and Larry has provided a captivating solo. If anyone is interested I’ll ask Jim if I can post it on here for your listening pleasure. Over and out.


      • 24/02/11 A big fat load of nothing happening for the longest while latterly. The biggest news being that Alistair has got in touch. He’s still wandering the world bringing joy wherever he lands. What a man. I’ve stuck a demo version of the latest tune The cunts who watch on here. I say demo but as with everything else we ever do its likely to remain forever unfinished. This is an angry song with a load of swearing in it, everybody gets in that mood sometimes.

Animated Charlies, a first.

      • 06/10/09 A gent named Andy Hudson-Smith has used Strange Train on this animation. Second Movie of the ‘Growing’ London Underground Network.Always nice to hear the tunes in a different context, Cheers Andy ol boy.

Under a pale blue sky

      • 04/10/09 I’ve added a new song which goes by the name Under a pale blue sky . This is a demo version featuring singing and playing by Rab. Larry likes it, beautiful and haunting he called it – a classic! Which is good. Elegaic, I would say. Buffolo.

Moonlight and Roses and Larry Blues

      • 18/09/09 We are in the course of recording a song called Moonlight and Roses which I think is a hit! HiT! HIT!! Still waiting on Stevbo laying down the bass but that should happen within the next calendar year, so moving along at a fair old rip. It’s romantic and loving, unlike most Charlies tunes, but we are a bunch of old softies don’t you know.Also on the go is a slighter tune called Larry Blues. Drums are slowly being programmed for this baby so it should see the light of day within the next few months. It’s another Larry penned effort in the blues idiom, hence the title. It’s another departure from the Charlies’ template but you know how we love to challenge our hordes of fans and are constantly bending their brains on our never-ending odyssey of musical discovery.In other news young Kinnaird got married this summer, congrats to the happy couple from the Charlies Massive. Pumpernickel.

The monster lives!!!

      • 06/11/08 Inspired by an encounter with the legendary J.Byrne , the Charlies corpse has twitched into glorious reanimation. The first evidence of which being the song Stupitstarsznow available for your listening pleasure. Its a paen to the howling void of middle aged life don’t you know.Soon to arrive is another magnificent beauty from the pen of Larry, very romantic and one of the greatest tunes in history, Look out for it if you know what’s good for you. Larry got in touch to say his musical grapes were withering on the vine. This is a situation that cannot be tolerated in a sane and just world.

Keeping it Fresh, alright

      • 28/09/07 I’ve stuck another couple of masterpieces on here for the furtherance of civil society and the enlightenment of humankind. The first is the legendary, nay mythical,Thinnah and Thinnah , first conceived in the dim and distant by Larry and recorded on umpteen occasions in varying circumstances and picturesque settings with generally atrocious results. The shakey egg/tabla version featuring Saz and the three bass effort recorded chez T stand out as lambent points of interest on the Charlies landscape. I always knew this was a mighty beauty, a glistening diadem in the Charlies jewelbox, and here it is finally presented in a form the angels will recognise as their own. Nice bone I’m sure you’ll agree.The second offering to the altar of public opinion is Just forget about it . This is in fact the very latest work from the slow moving minds of the Charlies. Music by Larry with a little sprinkling of Rabness. This version was recorded late one evening during a bevvy session as a way of testing out a new mic I’ve bought. I’m very happy with the results. IT’S A HIT RINGO!!!

Someone actually reads these pages!

      • 07/09/07 There has been a request for a further gig story from an actual reader of these tales of woe, which is very flattering, so from the sunken continents of my mind: Behold! The Kelvin Hall.

All goes deathly quiet…but at least there’s a new tune on the go

      • 02/02/07 Another year another nothing. A whistling void is emanating from Dunoon so recording has been non-going. We may have to resort to using the telephone to contact Mr T as he hasn’t been seen in the electronic ether for a while and concern over his well being mounts. Perhaps he’s changed his ISP, investigation is called for.At least in the interim a new song has been recorded chez Rab The cops could get involved , it’s a true story of modern life in all its vital rawness. Enjoy comancheros. Burgoonda!!

Further work and a surprise new tune

      • 29/05/06 More recording – a solid version of “The Dead Past” with finished vocal; a wildly beautiful version of “Sometimes I Wonder” featuring powerfully bent bass from me; yet another version of “Thinnah and Thinnah” solo acoustic from me this time.Larry is to supply piano lines for The Dead Past, he came up with some nice guitar which will be converted. The real surprise was Sometimes I Wonder which sounds totally different to my mind picture baby. It’s a lot faster than this demo version Sometimes I Wonder, The bendy bass was Mr T’s idea and my fingers are still aching, particularly the pinky joint. I used the bass I bought off Ebay, damped the strings with a piece of foam to achieve a beefy bass tone. The song also features some meaty guitar from Larry over the end section now.We have some rough mixes – the first for years – as far as I am concerned “Fog” is FINISHED!!!!!!

Some Tunes Near Completion

      • 04/04/06 Another weekend, another visit to recording god Mr T. Still the tense uncertainty abounds over the lifespan of the hard disks, but hey ho are we not men? Some sterling work was done on the tunes: singing recorded for “Fog”, “Bon Mot”, “Xanadu” and “You are mad”; Organ , would you believe it, recorded on “You are mad”; electronic atmospherics over the middle of“Bon Mot”; yet another unsuccessful attempt at a remake of “Thinnah and thinnah” involving three concurrent basslines (IT WILL BE RECORDED IF IT KILLS US!!); a demo version of new tune “The dead past” recorded as a memento mori.Some of these tunes are almost done. Its got to the stage that the additional instruments etc are being “laid down”. Its great to hear them nearly there…but of course there is still the mixing.We are looking into ways of recording the six missing tunes and we may put down some more two handers by Larry and me whilst the drum and bass drought continues. Hasta Caroli!

Recording on a knife edge of tension

      • 27/02/06 Larry and I visited chez MrT to continue the never ending recording sesh. Unfortunately all sorts of hard disk trauma resulted in heart stopping peaks and troughs of emotion. Have we actually recorded anything? Are we going to lose everything? Those were the scary kind of questions we were asking ourselves, dontcha know.We did get a couple of the tunes to near completion and all is sounding sweeter that ever. BUT WILL IT STILL BE THERE TOMORROW AAGGH!!!!! Existential doubt is the essence of the Charlies experience.I’ve got another new tune on the go, currently named “I just want some piece of mind”. Fingerpicked and nervy is how I would describe it.

Girls! Girls! Girls! aye right

      • 04/02/06 Without comment an eyewitness account:Hello Robert,History demands that you mention the Creeping Charlies’ equivalents of Cynthia Lennon and Jane Asher (or maybe just a pair of Yokos), the famous Lesley Jane G and the infamous Jeanne A, plus of course Eleanor “it’s no a party til you see her bum” H. Backing vocals, taping of gigs, smoochies and rent-a-crowd our specialties. OK, we were teenage tarts but it was the 1980’s! Hope life’s treating you fine, Best wishes Jeanne x

Depressing lack of interest

      • 04/02/06 No response to a proposal to rehearse and rerecord the lost tunes from the rythmn section other than a worry about doing “work” has depressed your hero. Maybe its time to move on down the line.At least the previously mentioned new tune has been finished and entitled “Dream of the dead past”. Whither stuzzo, grabbondo!

Non recording capers

      • 13/01/06 A combination of birthdays, festivities and mobile homes has put yet another spanner in the oh so smooth recording schedule of the Charlies gift to the world. It’s hoped to make another break for it at the end of Feb.At least I’ve got another tune on the go “Old plays” it might be being called. Currently it’s fingerpicking magic with a great melody. Oh that the impatient public should get there lovin due.

Further recording, texting and illness

      • 03/12/05 Larry and I visited chez T a couple of weeks ago and did further work on some of the tunes. Swell guitar for “Fog” was recorded livening up the ol chestnut no end. Some supercool production ideas from Mr T added some zip and pep to “Bon Mot”. We began work on “Xanadu”, but it still has some way to go to reach full ripeness. Decisions have still to fully coalesce around the acoustic/electric dichotomy.The visit coincided with the Gers latest thrashing at the hands of the dreaded Tic. This meant that attempts to organise a full band recording sesh were met by increasingly techy texts from certain bluenosed elements within Charliesville. CDs have been circlated and a date will have to be arranged in the new year to recover from the hardisk disaster mentioned below.Larry and I had arranged to go down to the banks of the silvery Clyde to continue our sterling recording efforts today. Unfortunately recording god Mr T was struck down by a debilitating lurgy, symptoms reported as “feelings of poo”. Here’s hoping our hero makes a swift recovery and is back to his manful best in no time. We’re hoping to get some more work done before the festives, so we await a Lazarine revival.

New Tune

      • 24/10/05 I’ve stuck on Acts of mindless cruelty and you , a finger picking memoir of one of the dear old pals on the tunes page. Enjoy.

Hard disk heartbreak!

      • 24/10/05 Larry and I paid a further visit to the super stylish studio of Mr T., very spacious it was on this occasion. The wide open vistas were a feast for the senses. Horrifyingly, the disk with the last session on it had crashed and it looks as though those 6 meisterwerks have bit the big one. Mr T. continues resuscitation efforts but the probability is that they will have to be redone. Oh well, worse things happen at sea. On the way home Larry and I decided to share the pain with Calum and Stef. “Why should we suffer alone?” we thought. “HARD DISK CRASHED, NO SURVIVORS!” we texted. Calum took it like a man. We still await the lightening sturm und drang from the Stevbo.On a positive note we did some sterling work on three of the surviving tunes. Mr T. came up with snappy sounds and ideas for the end of “L.I.D.”, it’s sounding pure galdo. Larry recorded some guitar for “What we did last night” which was superace, bit worried about the lack of half of the first chorus though, bit of an oversight. Hopefully it can be fixed or I can get used to a new structure. Best of all was “You are mad”, we re-recorded all of the guitars and Larry came up with a fabby new part. He dumped the original guitar line completely, I quite liked it but the new line is vastly superior. The song is really groovin now. Can’t wait to hear it with brass, keys and vocs. Frreekkkooolo!

Another successful recording sesh!!!!!

      • 07/09/05 The jolly bohollos managed to make it on time and sober to Mr T’s recording palace of wonder. A further 6 magnificent tracks were “laid down” as they say: Rainclouds, a country gem which Mr T thinks “needs production” but we love just as it is; Fragile, a thrashy tune with plenty of energy, energy compensates for mistakes dontchaknow; I dont fkin like it, a rockabilly paeon to the joy of work; Ban everything, rockin charlies hell in the old stylie; I feel pretty, which took forever, surprisingly, since we been playing it since beyond the dawn of time; and Do we get what we want? which Mr T considers the best song we do.We had another couple of tunes up our sleeves, let’s face it and buck nekid, but time and tiredness stopped those being added to the roster. We have more than enough to be going on with though so mebbe those two can go on the back of the swedish twelve inch (ooeer missus) or something.After the mammoth recording sesh Stevbo, Caldo and I went for a massive bevvy session, toasting the Charlies, saying we were going to the toppermost of the poppermost and generally acting like t**ts. It were rerr. There was a bit of a perrty in the flat efter and I was singing along to Don Gibson good style and generally making an obnoxious c*nt of myself. I was still ill on Monday, it was just like being a young yin in those halcyon days of doley yore.So to recap, we have a pile of great songs in the bag and Larry and I will be completing them in the coming months. Get ready world, the Charlies will produce an album in this decade!Geerrrtchaaaa

Amazingly recording date looks likely to actually happen!!!

      • 27/08/05 Two more rehearsals under the belt. New tunes bursting with eastern promise. Another rehearsal planned for this week and a firm recording date for next weekend. Can it be true? Will it come to pass? Will these knobjockeys fall at the final hurdle as usual? Who knows, I’m optimistic and have what they call “a good feeling”. Must be the sweaty smell of summer working its magic. HonkooorooAmusingly I went up to collect Larry for last weeks rehearsal and sat for an inordinate time outside his castle after beeping the horn. I eventually got the “Larry knows fk all about this rehearsal vibe” through the glistening miasma. And lo nae cnt had told him – and he wisnae comin oot! So we had a lonesome three man Charlies sesh. Fabbbondo

The tits rehearse again and firm up another recording date

      • 03/08/05 With the holiday season coming to an end the fannies finally managed to get a rehearsal sorted last night. As ever the tunes were sounding far to the right of spiffing. Calum had a break through in the drumming for “Do we get what we want” and for once I thought it might just work out ok. There is a firm date in early September for a second visit en masse to Mr T’s house of recording miracles. The plan is to get another six or so tunes down as a band which will allow King Lordo and I to press on and actually finish the album. We’re aiming to put the tin lid on it before we break the FOUR YEAR barrier.There’s a plan afoot to go out for a few beers after the recording but logistically it’s a toughy, what with the two carloads of assorted Charlies and their pish going to two centres of population. I’m hoping we can figure something out to celebrate the end of the drum farrago though.There’s supposed to be another rehearsal or maybe two before the recording sesh chez T. That might give me time to get another new song tried out, we shall see…..

New tune gets played

      • 19/06/05 Another rehearsal another new tune. I managed to get my mangy cohorts to play “Ban everything”, a newish entry in the ever strengthening canon. Stevbo described it as a “stonking song” which was very Noel Edmonds of him. It sounded great though, rocking and menacing with a hint of panic and enervation, just the way I like it. We are planning on taking a further trip to the recording lair of Mr T. shortly, dates have been requested. There are about another six or so tunes ready, hopefully the end of the great drum wait is in sight and the album can progress towards a magnificent conclusion. Optimism abounds in our bounteous breasties.An amusing incident took place on our way out of the reheasal studios. Larry’s guitar case, on its last legs, disintegrated and he was stooped over it trying to piece it together when Stef announced to all and sundry, “I bet Lawrence is using a lot of phrases with the word C*NT in them right now”. This was as a roadie moved tons of gleaming kit with “The Proclaimers” stamped all over it into a rehearsal room. The scene was a poignant tableau illustrating the gulf between the bourgeoisie and the demi-monde of Scotchland’s rockin populace.

Stevbo buys amp

      • 17/05/05 Shocking news from bass land! The world’s greatest bass player has bought a Peavey MicroBass, described by the maestro himself as a “modest practice amp” which “does the job”. This goes part way to fulfilling G. Carruthers long promised Micropenises against the Bomb gig, part of his contract as sometime Charlies manager. Still more work to be done to bring that blow for world peace to fruition though, perhaps an entire series of Micro amps is called for.Considering this is the first amp that MaxiBass can truly call his own since the WEM Dominator, (circa 1981-5, laughably called an amp back then, although more closely related to a joke farting machine with tumble dryer sound effect setting), this truly is an earth- shattering development. Rockin Daddy-o.

Continuing lack of action

        • 21/04/05 Still very little to shout about in the charliesburb. Looking like June for the next recording dates, a hideous conjunction of holidays and cancellations have put paid to hopes of anything earlier.At least I got my acoustic guitar refretted at Jimmy Moon’s, gives me something to occupy the mind in the ever lengthening meantime. Sprookoola.

Dreadful slowdown

      • 09/04/05 Nothing much happening at the mo. We had a rehearsal a couple of weeks ago but not since. Half the band are messing about in some other combo and that is slowing things up at present. Recording space is not available for the suggested April date so I guess it will be May before we get up to sunny Dunoon.Davy was in touch after reading of the sad demise of Stuzy. He was wanting to come along to a gig and heckle. That’s put me in the notion for some live performance, after all it was 1996 the last time the Charlies graced the public stage. Surely about time our hordes of fans got to see the corpulent corpses prance once more. We did get offered a gig last year at some point by the great Bruce Ferguson but we were in no fit state to accept. We are in a lot better shape now though, I’ll see what comes up. Larry will take some persuading I’m guessing.

New Tune Added

      • 19/03/05 I have uploaded I feel pretty for your listening pleasure. This was recorded live a few years ago at the now defunct Argyll Studios in Glasgow. We used to rehearse there for years until the mightily girthed owner sold up and moved the business to the outer reaches of Barrhead. This song started out as a Jam rip off but evolved into the grisly rocker you now hear. Uneasily jaunty is how I would characterise it. It always reminds me of walking up Old Dalnottar Road, that’s where I saw the black dog.

Rockabilly Revels!

      • 18/03/05 The latest rehearsal featured a mass outbreak of rockabilly. Internet searches have allowed the bohollies to track down songs that we used to play at the start of our glorious career. Armed with a cd of these babies,(That’ll Flat Git It Vol 2. – Bear Records) we cut a rug through “Hot Rock”, “Make Like A Rock and Roll”, “Wild Wild Women”, and “Barking up the wrong Tree”. Further inspired by hearing an eccentric russian version of “Ollie V” we gave that an airing an’all.I contacted the lovely Davo Kinnairdo to point out that a http://www.hot.ee/donwoody/covers.htm”>web site existed listing covers of Don Woody’s inimitable “Barking up the wrong tree”. He maintains they missed out the best version i.e. our’s at the Bouly. What a hero.Larry further livened up a thoroughly jolly night by unveiling a stunning Charlies t-shirt. It featured a wonderful picture drawn by the late great Stuzy to advertise our first appearance on the deathly Clydebank scene. We all sat down in those prehistoric days and drew a poster each to plaster all over the ugly townscape. Stuart’s was a corker, a prancing oddity looking a bit like the famous “Skegness – it’s so bracing” poster. “I’ll just draw anything”, he cried, before tossing off this masterpiece. Lesley’s “Handsome Hank says give me Cheese” poster deserves to be mentioned as well, another fine example of the confrontist art movement then burgeoning amongst Kilpatrick’s teen intelligencia. I’ll try and get a pic of Larry wearing the fashion sensation of 2005 for here.

Back in the saddle again!

      • 11/02/05 The last rehearsal in the relatively luxurious setting of Berkeley Studios was an unqualified success. I managed to get a couple of new tunes on the go “Fragile” and “I Don’t Fukin Like It”. Another rehearsal is scheduled for Wednesday and I’m going to try and get “Queen of making me feel Bad” on the agenda. Larry has pushed for “Rainclouds” and it seems a damn fine idea. All in all these are pretty sunny days in Charliesland. Beezer!

Another rehearsal…but in a different studio!

      • 07/02/05 Due to concerted moanin from the drum stool the luverly lads are decamping to the luxury of Berkeley Studios in sunny Glesga. Apparently it’s heaven on earth in terms of rehearsal space, we’ll see. Anyhow the plan is to get another half dozen tunes ready over the next few weeks for another visit to rockin Dunoon. I’m going to try and get them to play two new tunes….wish me luck!

Another DJ likes the Charlies!

      • 25/01/05 A DJ named Helen from AiiRadio is planning on playing some of our tunes. http://www.aiiradio.net/ is the url. I’ve sent her four tunes from the legendary Argyll Studios sessions and hopefully we’ll be hearing them blastin out of a computer near you soon. I had a listen to the station tonight and they seem young and giddy, full of that youthfull enthusiasm don’t you know.

Six fabulous tracks recorded!

      • 25/01/05 Six, that’s right Six, whole tunes were recorded at the Charlies Dunoon renaissance. Xanadu, amazingly since it’s not been played for years, Fog, L.I.D., What we did last night, You are mad and Bon mot. A fantastically successful session I would venture. Calum and Stevie played a blinder, those boys should be proud as rampant peacocks. Mr T. almost gave us heart failure by letting us in on the fact that his hard disk had crashed when we were about to board the homeward ferry. Thankfully it was recovered and backed up big stylie, thus averting the unpleasant sight of grown men greetin. Another sesh is planned for late February.It was really great to be playing all together again. I was reminded that we actually are a very good band (even if we take 40 takes per tune).

New tune added

      • 25/01/05 I’ve added a new tune to the downloads page, keeping things fresh y’know.>What we did last night a dark erotic feast.

Charlies off to record AS A GROUP!

      • 21/01/05 The big bollovas are all winging their way to sunny Dunoon by the banks of the glistening Clyde this weekend for a shot at recording. This is the first time since about 1902 that all four of them will be in a recording studio at the same time. I’m hoping for great results as the rehearsals have been beezer recently.I got some no bad recordings at the last rehearsal, LID, What we did last night, and Buck Nekid stand out. I’ll put a few clips on here if I get time.

Someone else likes Charlies tune!

      • 15/01/05 I got an e-mail from a DJ on an internet radio station asking for a cd so that he could play some tunes. I’ll be sending them to the discerning musical taste former instanter. The station is FNR and the DJ is DJ Subway, good on yer mate as we say in these here parts.This shows the benefit of putting tunes on numerous band sites.

First rehearsal of 05 booked

      • 15/01/05 The stinky pinkies are booked in for another rehearsal at Jap’s Eye this week. Urgent requests are being made for rehearsal recordings prior to the forthcoming recording date. All very exiting. Thankfully I’ve got the ol’ laptop fixed and should be able to oblige. If I get anything good, I’ll post it here.

Another year over and a new one just beguu u unnnn

      • 30/12/04 Nothing particularly new to report just that everything is currently rosy in the garden of charliesland. Irritating virus problems and some sort of problem with the soundcard since I upgraded to n-track 4.0 have kept me from recording but I look forward to a wonderful 2005.Things have been pretty slow in 04 generally, especially the mammoth gap between Jan and Nov when there was pretty much no action from the band of blubbs. At least there are some new tunes on the go. All in all 05 is bound to be better.

Another Rehearsal good!

      • 06/12/04 Another fine night of music from our heroes, real progress made! I even got to run through a new song with Larry in the hours before Calum and Stevbo arrived. Calum was gubbin a pie supper from Adriano’s and seemed to be enjoying it enormously. That’s probably it for the rehearsals this side of Xmas but all systems are go for recording in the new year. Grandissimo!!!

Rehearsal good!

      • 26/11/04 The Red Eye rehearsal went extremely well, even with ear infections and general moaning abounding. All agreed that the tunes were played better than ever and we reached the end of the list of tunes to rehearse for the first time ever. More rehearsals are scheduled and a tentative recording date in January is to be confirmed. I’m hoping we can record some of the new tunes as live as they sound a lot better that way n’at.Unfortunately the laptop suffered a mfkin virus attack and no recording was possible, so you can’t get the aural benefit you deserve. Hopefully I’ll get some stuff next time.

Rehearsal scheduled at last

      • 19/11/04 Charlies are due to rehearse in the unlovely surroundings of Clydebank’s Red Eye studios. THANK GOD!!! Say I. After what seems a million years of waiting around the finger is getting pulled out. I plan to post a clip or two of the rehearsal if there anything recorded that isn’t hideous beyond belief. Check back soon.

Lawrence spots glaring inaccuracies on this site

      • 19/11/04 The Strutz gig took place on a Saturday. The gig you are thinking of where we borrowed my mum’s car was the Preisthill gig. The BPG AGM was on the Friday night. At which you completely offended a startled woman with an impressive volley of expletives. One of the great moments in Charlies’ off stage history. There were many to choose from. Are you sure those Chubby Chesters pics were actually taken there? You seem to be wearing two different sets of clothes in them! Are the red shirt ones not from the Saints and Sinners gig? Incidentally an opportunity to talk about some extreme, and colourful hair, goes a begging on that one.(Proof of age and hair may be required).I noticed some other stuff but a weird fukd upness in my dome just appeared. Anyway do what you will with this information. Thank for listening. Wimpering Lord Lampie.

New tunes added

      • I’ve added some new tunes for your listening pleasure, click here to get to them. There’s a mixture of old and new including a couple of works in progress.

Charlies sitting around like a bunch of useless T**Ts !!!

      • No sign of any immanent completion to recording from our lackadasical heroes. A series of reheasals took place over Xmas and New Year 03/04 and things were looking rosy. Since then contact has been sporadic with certain members of the Flub Four. Rab and Lawrence are getting a bit despondant and desperate measures may ensue. Still happy with the tunes though.

Rab writes new tunes

      • Rab has been whiling away the long hours by writing new songs. The gift of a uklele from young Bob has led to an outburst of unusual chord sequences which are super fantastico. Six or seven tunes are on the go, notably “Summertime”, “Queen of making me feel bad” and “I don’t f**kin like it!”

Rab and Stevie record album with Hyperstar

      • Me and big Stef have recorded an album with Jim Byrne and Bruce Ferguson. Bruce supplied the moolah, bread or poppy so three cheers for him. The music is different from the Charlies but as ever I inject the rockabilly element. It’s good fun music, always goes over well live. It seems to be surprisingly accessible, the punters give us big cheers. The music is very catholic in nature, breenging about in styles ranging from 50’s country to 60’s punk to a weird sort of sub-ska beat. The disc was recorded over a week at Stuffhouse studios in Glasgow, a cold and damp smelling place but with a heart of gold.We ended up calling the thing Fotastic and calling the band Hyperstar. Nothing much seems to have happened with it though and Stef is no longer with this particular clump of minstrels. I don’t have any time either now that the Charlies are so busy recording. So Hyperstar are taking a bit of a back o the bus seat for the foreseeable.

Davy quits Beeb Shock!!

    • The Livin Doll has jacked in his job at the BBC, telling them to “blow it out thur ass” or words to that effect. Now he is living the rural life of the country laird; earning a living from being a rock n roll kindaguy, I believe. It does the old morale no end of good to see this valiant fighter for freedom showing us how to be a man in this crazy mixed up world. Bravo Davo!!