John Street Jam

This was one of the gigs we played as Handsome Hank, our country persona. I seem to recall this being a dullish gig. I was talking to Larry about it the other night because I found a photie which was taken at it. All he remembered was that he had a loan of Davy Sutherland’s amp and it wisnae workin. It kept cuttin out really annoyingly with the inevitable deleterious effect on our rockin-ness.

This was the night we all ended back at a honkin flat belonging to a dirty girl from Knightswood, and when I say dirty I mean she didn’t wash and smelled bad. Pishy and pointless I think sums it up.

The band that night were:
R.Ruthven guitar and vocals
L.Alexander guitar
S.Craig bass
L.Ruthven vocals
C.Maxwell vocals
Country Boy drums